Counterbalance Cycles Brat Build

Weston – After building a few of these bikes, as most of you know, you seem to end up collecting a multitude of parts that end up laying around the garage.  This bike has a frame that was bought as a rusted out barn leaner… stripped down and shaved.  Then i used some of the other parts that I had laying around from other builds, and other 650s…

I cut the rear frame section and found some tubing laying around from an old triumph rear hoop.  I welded up a home made bratstyle rear end, and mounted a rear drum brake wheel to it..

The front forks are shaved, running a 21″ spool wheel with an avon speedmaster in the front.  Running a set of Baxter 1″ bars super narrow with a bates 5 1/2″ head… Custom pegs, custom battery box, roundslide carbs, Custom seat pan and upholstery, and model A fender…

Bike was fun to build and came together really fast… But the bike is even more fun to ride… Paint will come eventually, but with the warm weather on the east coast right now im gonna keep riding it until it snows… Check out more here:

Weston Boege


  1. rogercoleman says:

    I like ti a brat style that doesn’t look it, I bet some paint wil reallly set it off!!

  2. Tebo says:

    Shoot some clear on it. Leave it otherwise, and just ride the p**s out of it.

  3. pickles says:

    I definitely dig the style (love the Baxter bars!), and am curious about your upcoming choice for paint. Keep us posted!

  4. CruzBoos says:

    Promising build so far. I don’t trust the ergonomics of the handle bar and any rider that has shaken off or gone down from a front end wobble will attest to this. Keep going and push her to the limit or at least enough to plaster a big smile on your face.

  5. dex82 says:

    yeah, i’d have to agree on the handlebars, i think they’d leave your hands and wrists in a very awkward and uncomfortable position, but beyond that she looks really cool. like the overall lines.

  6. El Gaucho says:

    Those bars look SKETCHY! ouch and a half in a short while. That coupled with no front brake means you need some mighty big balls to ride that any kind of distance.

  7. Thanks for all the comments/criticism. Tearing the bike down right now to paint.

    Ive put quite a few miles on the bars since the bike has been together… They def get a little uncomfortable after 50+ miles… but i love the baxter bars… ive gotten a few wobbles at lower speeds, but higher speeds they seem nice and tight… The only other thing i might do is take out the rubber bushings in the stock mounts and replace with some bronze or aluminum… Should tighten up the front end some…

    I have other bikes that are great for long trips… this will be a bar hopper and summer bike meet bike…


  8. dex82 says:

    yeah, handlebars can really have an effect on the ole bod. i’ve always put 15 or 16 inch apes on anything i have but put together an xs last year and put on frisco bars. totally different and alot more comfortable. got an old shovel that i’m hardtailling and her apes have already been sliced and diced, another set of friscoes.

  9. JimmyDirtnap says:

    Really dig this bike. Seat is awesome, front end is super clean. i wouldn’t worry about paint either, just ride it!