PROBLEM CHILD & jenOcide builds


Michael- these are the first two customs by LOLYPHE CUSTOM CHOPPERS out of Breckenridge, Colorado. we’ve fab’d most of our own parts such as bars, gussets, fender struts, sissy bars, coil covers, and cut anything off the frame that wasn’t needed.


Any parts that we couldn’t fab were purchased from PANDEMONIUM, TC BROS, LOWBROW, MONSTERCRAFTSMAN AND LED SLED. We will be selling a handful of our parts within the next month- after a much needed vacation after bike are completed in the next 7-10 days. All work, fab, paint, design is done in our shop- the only subbed out work has been tire mounting.




Mags on the jenOcide were painted, drilled and beveled by us, spoke wheels were delaced, painded, polished, relaced and trued by us as well as sealed to run tubless. stay tuned as the jenOcide is in the booth now and will be done very soon and the PROBLEM CHILD will be chasing her tail to be completed asap…

Michael tracy


  1. Everyone says:

    Good looking builds. We like the tubeless treatment and the re-worked trailer fender. Continue looking outside the cookie cutter builds and parts. As a shop, establish your style and be creative and you will succeed long beyond the initial hype from people thinking “that’s sick!” You have the means, don’t copy. We look forward to your future builds.

  2. jen o lie says:

    This bike has been complete for a while and the problem child has been complete for a while; its red. NO crazy holiday 7-10 day build. I checked the bikes out last summer. Weird post.

  3. El Gaucho says:

    Interesting color choices. Clean build.

  4. jay says:

    Looks great, is that a tc bros hardtail?

  5. rick says:

    Nice to have another builder in Colorado, but Breckenridge?….3 or 4 months of good riding then it starts snowing again?

  6. turdherder says:

    There seems to be a mind set lately that people have copied or people shouldn’t “copy” someones build. As far as I see it there’s nothing somebody hasn’t posted on this site that hasn’t been done before by somebody somewhere! Unless your going to put a nuclear reactor in one I,m pretty darn sure it’s been done before! Besides, isn’t this site about sharing builds, thoughts and information to keep our shared appreciation of the XS going? If you see something on this site or anywhere and you like it, use it, copy it, enjoy it! I know when I get going on my build I’ll be using bits and pieces of things I’ve seen here and elsewhere. And I’m sure I’ll have my own little tweeks, but ultimately they’ll all be something that’s been done before! If you take offense to this so be it, but that’s how I see it. Enjoy this site, enjoy the build experience and continue to share your pictures, thoughts and knowledge!

  7. pickles says:

    Looks good and clean. Can’t wait to see more bikes from you.

  8. DENNI$ says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with turd. it’s extremely difficult to build something ‘unique’ and ‘original’ and still stay within the ‘garage builder’ concept that launched this site to begin with. Each bike build displayed here represents a conceptual meeting/headon crash of an individuals time window/creativity/ability/cash flow/buddy group – along with tools and materials acquired. Everybody’s got different strengths/weaknesses in the sum of these areas. For MOST people, there is also the overall practicality – a bike to ride vs. show bike level; and all the areas in between. I have admired many, many of the offerings I’ve seen here, but that doesn’t mean that’s what’ll be in MY corral. For me, the bottom line is, it doesn’t matter (too much, heh heh) what *EYE* think, as long as the guy who rides it, likes it. When I FINALLY get my garage built, get the bikes sorted and start fab’ing, I so seriously will NOT be checking other people’s opinions of what’s cool and current, etc. I pretty much know what i like, and that’s what Ima gonna build. I have a few tweeks and twists that I hope will lend a ‘unique’ flavor…. and yes, for SURE, I will be copying and stealing some ideas….. coz I LIKE’EM!!

  9. Ted says:

    @ turdherder “Unless your going to put a nuclear reactor in one I,m pretty darn sure it’s been done before!”
    I agree completely – copying is NOT a bad thing – borrowing any idea then make it your own.

  10. Ted says:

    DENNI$ – it’s like building a custom motorcycle isn’t enough of a challenge on its own. Somehow, some guys think that they have to build a bike in two weeks that has parts or styling that is completely one-of-a-kind. I think that the idea comes from that one TV “Bike building” show, I can’t remember the name.

  11. DENNI$ says:

    The thing is, Ted…. if the TV type bike is what you want, fine and dandy. Let’s just not fall into the trap of using that as a measuring stick. There are just WAY too many fine examples here of the ultimate ‘garage bike’. similarities, sure,,,, copycat? wellllll, maybe, to a degree… if you wanna look at it that way. Like Turdherder said, there’s nothing new under the sun, it HAS been done before. That doesn’t mean it ain’t cool, awesome, original, etc…!! Just think of how many people are inspired by another’s efforts.

    And thanks for the site, Ted!!

  12. dex82 says:

    i agree…..thanks for the site. and originality can be seriously over-rated…..sometimes guys will build something that’s just plain ugly or unsafe just to be different or original. saw a bumper sticker once that said ” smile, you’re unique, just like everybody else”. build what you like, whether it’s a one- off with one-off parts, or one with mail-order parts. the main thing is you do it yourself. that should be inspiration in itself.

  13. i sent in pics a while ago but pics weren’t suitable so they asked me to send in some others. so they are of the complete bike and the other is done too. sorry for any confusion.

  14. thanks and yes it is.gonna use an ardcore on our current build and see how we like them…

  15. no offense- there’s not too much that hasn’t been done before on any bike builds. our goal is clean bikes that have some attitude and a balance of a certain style of parts. never meant that our parts or style is one of a kind though- sorry if ya’ took it that way. cheers- michael

  16. i’m on point with ya denni$- i ride for a club and we ride hard and fast. i build bikes to ride and be ridden, that also can look good too but bottom line is form and function. i will say i also have a 1200 sporty chop i’m doing now since the 650 has a tough time keeping up with my brothers- haha.

  17. haha- we actually moved to denver about 4 months ago….and still riding…hit us up. 955 decatur unit M, denver 80204. stop by for some stickers and a pint glass. 303.946.9442

  18. and at the time of sending in the pics on the original post (right before teds change of the site) the bikes were to be finished in the next week or so- both bikes took 4 months to build while i was running my auto body shop. go easy on the jen o lie thing cowboy….i’m not trying to b.s. anyone here or anywhere.

  19. rick says:

    mike, im also building a 650 yamaha chopper/bobber. Nice to hear from you, and good luck with your business. You can catch some of my works here in Woodland Park at
    happy building

  20. Tebo says:

    The “original” and “identical” motorcycles rolled off the line more than 30 years ago. Since then, they’ve been overhauled, stripped down, dolled up, chopped, dropped (seat), stretched, raked, bobbed, and painted by their owner(s) to the point where, unless yours has never been touched, there can be no two bkies the same. I agree with dex82, buying supplier parts keeps them in business, and renewed interest in the Xs650 has made business good. And makes them easier to work on with ‘factory-made’, high quality parts. Not everyone has the talent, facilities, or tools to fabricate everything on their bikes (I don’t), so supply shops give us the freedom to build as we please. A lot of people use HD peanut tanks because they look good (maybe better than where they came from). It doesn’t make them copycats. Keep in mind, also, this is not a competition. Dream your build. Then, build your dream.

  21. dex82 says:

    yippers……….and the interesting thing about a site like this, which is about a specific bike (and platform, sorta), is that you get to see so many different variations and interpretations of that platform. some are limited by experience or budgets, some by access to materials, parts, and tools or equipment, while others are full-blown customs. imagination is the other common denominator and all are equally interesting, and unless i see something that’s extremely dumb and dangerous, they’ll remain so.

  22. bill says:

    what tires are on the bike and size thanks