Sargent Ts Green Machine


Ken – This was a build I did in the winter of 11-12 and was a gift to my brother whom had served 22 years in the military. I co-worsted family and friends to help fund the build and as a way to say thank you for your time of service. Tom is the brother who got the bike and are two other brothers really help to pay the way. A special thanks to Donnie Blackwolf for lots of help and many of late nights.


It started as a wreck 1980 yard find with paper in Portland Oregon living under the BLUE TARP of hell. So every thing was nasty rusty or rotting but the motor had 160 psi so the donor was born.. I left the motor stock other than air pods and the rest is dis-assembly clean polish powder coated and tuned and yes it is a fun bike to ride..



Six months was the time to build it the planning and purchasing of parts about a year, and yea Tom was BLOWN AWAY.. Thanks to TC Bros agian and all those who help pay the way.


ken bourgo


  1. Ski says:

    Love everything about this bike. Looks great. Good job.

  2. Larry says:

    Hey Ken, I saw your bike at “The One Show”…. Sooo clean and shiny, great job ! See you in the spring…

    Larry K.

  3. ken says:

    Hey Larry,
    thanks for the props at the time doing it I was feeling like what the HELL was I thinking soooo much polishing but the time spent was worth it my Brother is very happy, all good.
    We at PCP really enjoyed your machine as well awesome work,,See you this Spring.

  4. Jeroen says:


    What a great thing to do for you’re brother,
    He is fortunate to have you guys as brothers.
    The nice thing about this present is that he can enjoy it often en for a long time.

    Thumbs up!!

    Jeroen from Holland

  5. roger says:

    Niiiiiiice, lean, clean, shinny, wow, Thats a great story, gratitude is an action word. I like the incorporation of the original special pipes to new mufflers. I guess you took them and had the rechromed. O K I got to ask how do you polish the aluminium like that? Man it really gives the bike pop. I hope you build another for your self!

  6. Pickles says:

    The pipes and tank are what does it for me. Clean build, and more importantly, done for a great cause. One of the best ways to say thank you for your service to our nation. Kudos!

  7. Grumpy says:

    Great effort! Everything is Great……………….

  8. Danny says:

    This bike is a nice exercise in less is more. Good design, not a bunch of stuff thrown on just to throw it on. Dig the bars headlight lots 🙂 Keep up the great work, brothers!

  9. ken says:

    As far as the high shine on the aluminum parts and the cast iron bits lotsa sanding wet on aluminum dry on iron and hours of work on the polishing wheels and yes that does include every part on the wheels, the wheels where completely dissembled then polished with reassembled, very tedious work.
    And for the pipes they are stock header pipes not re-chromed polished on the wheel with a muffler chrome tip extension between end of the header to the muffler. The nice part is when cast iron is brought to a high shine, rust is very slow to happen the aluminum dulls before the cast loses its luster. All shiny bits have NO top coat what so ever,top coating will dull the high shine.
    Thanks to all for positive in put and yes I did build myself a bike it is back in the archives under Group Effort..Ken

  10. El Gaucho says:

    I’m checking out the pics, diggin it. And I’m loving the entire bike until I see the last pic…… That tail light is begging to be thrown on one of those little chinese pit bike “choppers”. I had one of those on a bike I bought. It was the first thing to see the bottom of the garbage bin. Otherwise a very solid and clean bike though, I like it!

  11. I like the tail light, I have not sean it like that with a sissy bar, Everyone else seems to put it at the axle, nice to see it different.

  12. ken says:

    Its all about the LAW

  13. PITBILL says:

    Realy like yer 650 look’s like you did it rite. love the bar’s

  14. CruzBoos says:

    She’s as good as apple pie and would love to taste her.
    All the right ingredients to win at the fair.
    Simply put… she’s as hot as when you put her out to cool.

  15. William A. says:

    This a great build for all the right reasons Ken. Your brother is lucky to have family like yours. I love the clean simple style. All the parts were well chosen or modified in good taste. No flashy, tacky stuff….Perfect!