Yann xs


Yann – I bought it first to prepare a bike for coll rides and the brief was quiet clear. I had some inspirations around but you were the only reliable source to find XS tuned. I was working in World Superbike Championship for a factory Team and I found most parts around the world according to my travels for races.


The bike has been built, became the show bike of my new Kustom bike workshop. Due to money needs to get a step ahead for my business, I sold it last August to a asshole punk surfer who nearly destroyed it. An other customer got it later but, as the engine was leaking and the surfer didn’t have a clue, the guy contact me to learn a bit more.


Desappointed, I offered the deal to build him a new rolling chassis with an other engine, a Honda I think, and to get my bike back !!

This is a 5 years story I can post. This bike is known worldwide with the help of my Facebook business page and some press articles.


Bike has a full white twin sister you’ll see on my website www.bckustoms.com , slightly different ’cause we kept most original parts due to the quality of the donor bike. This 5 years story is beautiful but has an end. I tested and I approve: When it comes to building your own personal bike with your heart, your souvenirs and a restricted budget, never sell it !!

Thanks for your site Ted,



  1. Britbob says:

    Hi fantastic bike , tank looks superb . Is it a custom one off ? If not what bike and model is it from? Cheers

  2. fanoboss says:

    I give it 8 out of 10 thumbs up !!!!

  3. Martijn van Geenen says:

    This is how Ilike ’em. Great bike!

  4. El Gaucho says:

    I love everything about the bike except no front brake! I usually am not a fan of no rear fender but I think it works on this bike.

  5. Fanoboss says:

    The bars and tank really make this bike awesome

  6. misfitskinny says:

    Nice style of build. Like the tank and paint

  7. misfitskinny says:

    Nice engineering, like that suicide shift, very cool

  8. Javafinger says:

    Your story quite same as mine… I spent 3 years from the irst time buying, until now its a still rusty and dirty, loooong story build.. But yes, when you build with ur heart.. U will never regret..