812 bobber


Layn Hamilton – Hey there well I completed another bike. you may remember the METAMORPHISIZED 81 CHOPPER (ANGEL CHASER).

Well here is the 812  Bobber. I just sold. Many new parts many hand made parts including the brat styled conversion I made myself.



I hand tooled the leather myself and I made pretty much everything except the springer and the intake all else is hand made with grinders and welders and drill presses and time. Hope you like it.



  1. David says:

    Man that’s incredible! Such genius of styling. I wish I was a little better about thinking out of the box so I might be able to envision such a thing. Obviously not a terribly high$ build, yet you’ll undoubtedly receive admiration from those who have spent 10 times the money on their own.

  2. dex82 says:

    looks good

  3. William A. says:

    Terrific build! I love all the hand made touches like that exhaust!

    I really like the intake! Who makes it? Is it hard to tune? How does it run?

    The only thing I would add is a “Jockey Shifter” and “Suicide Clutch” like I have on my bike “Ophelia”


  4. Zoogz says:

    Yeah can we get some info on that intake please?

  5. El Gaucho says:

    This has to be my favorite brat bike ever.

  6. DannyChop says:

    LAME!!! Its lame how this person only posted three pictures. I want to see more of this bike. I want to see the right side. Very cool approach to 2-1 intake and exhaust.