Scott – Just like a lot of you, I just wanted to try one for myself.  Picking up a clunker that was last registered in 1987, this 1979 was was gonna get a makeover.  


To be honest, most everything on it is bought and bolt on so I wouldn’t call myself a builder by any stretch but I did enjoy the evenings spent in the shed pretending to be.  This is the result of several weeks worth of work, nothin’ fancy just my style.  Just a simple thanks to TC Bros for getting me started.


Hope you like it.


  1. Tebo says:

    Not a builder? Then, what? An assembler, maybe? So what. Not everybody can make all the custom parts, so we buy ’em. And from the pictures, yours looks like a who’s who of custom. Think you’ll see another one just like it? Not likely. This one’s all yours. Very neat & clean job of assembly and paint. Now, ride the crap out of it, and when people drool and ask you where you got it? Tell them “Yeah, I built it.”

  2. Grumpy says:

    Love everything about the bike except for the Ape Hangers! Not a fan… But your bike your choice! Great Job………….

  3. JJ says:

    Nice bike man! Very clean and definitely got the style thing going on. OK, so you didn’t manufacture the parts but you definitely built it, it didn’t build itself & the manufacturers you bought from didn’t build it. If you don’t like the ‘built’ term, just say you made it at home. It’s not like anyone expects you to refine the steel from iron ore to say you made it.

  4. Sandy Jimenez says:

    I agree with all the other posts. Well done. You’ve clearly got a good eye for design and proportions.

  5. tadd442 says:

    The reason some parts are manufactured is, people like them. Find a “builder” that “built” the motor from scratch. Be proud…it looks great!

  6. dex82 says:

    i agree……… proud. not everybody has a full shop or the same skill sets. i have a grinder, drill press and a small welder ( i leave the critical welds to someone who’s actually good at it tho). the guy who takes several months “assembling” still has so much more into his bike than one who buys it that way. and a few of those shiny bikes on the discovery BBO’s were very much simple assembly jobs towards the end of the series. as long as it’s your time and vision, it’s all cool. plus, home builders who have to do a fair amount of “assembling” are keeping guys like tcbros and lowbrow in business and that’s a good thing. without them there wouldn’t be alot of us

  7. Pickles says:

    Nice build. Simple and clean, though some lanesplitters would better suit my style. Ride the piss outta her, and you can with confidence you built a badass ride.

  8. William A. says:

    Scott, I agree with everyone else who posted before me. You built a nice machine. Mine is not much different.
    You obviously have a good eye for the right parts to choose. Ride the hell out of her and enjoy!