Niggel`s XS Hardtail


U.S.Custom Bikes Udo Sacher – OK ,The bike is a 81 Xs with an weld-on hardtail.

It has a XT-500 front and rear wheels with stainlees steel spokes – Pirelli Tire.



All the parts are handmade from our shop U.S.Custom Bikes in Germany, Handlebar, fender, oiltank or Electric Tank with all parts ,Batt, ignition, brake, ignition switch,coils etc. The tank is in a fire extinguisher. sissy bar, foot controls etc.


The paint is Mercedes Impala Metallic from the `80. Trumpet style ex. K&N Filters Hardman Solo seat. Its crazy to drive the bike .

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  1. Nice build, super clean. Dig the wheel/tyre combo. Nice stance.

  2. Fanoboss says:

    NIGGEL PLEEZE, its Bad-Ass 🙂

  3. Pickles says:

    Very, very clean looking. Love it.

  4. El Gaucho says:

    Sweet lane splitter!

  5. Colour matched great with the black parts!
    Good tire choice, clean ride !!!!!