My homemade xs

noid-DSC_0428 2014

Sjoerd – hello everybody , I just want to show my homemade bike to everybody, it was a 83 special. 

The paint job I did myself just like the welding and anything else. It was a nice project to do this past winter.

noid-DSC_0425 2014 noid-DSC_0427 2014

I was inspired by the bratstyle, but i tried to give it my own twist. Thank to everybody on this forum for your input, it comes in real handy sometimes

Greets from holland


  1. Hi Sjoerd,
    At first, good to see a Dutch XS here again. Good choice of that tank, like it on this built.
    Nice thiose double caps, and the color/ paintwork is awesome.
    What happende to your licenceplate? looks it’s slightly stewed or so….

  2. dr ron says:

    Mooi gespoten en mooie verhoudingen.kortom
    .:mooi gedaan!

  3. tadd442 says:

    I usually don’t like brat’s…but the lines of this one are great!

  4. El Gaucho says:

    The overall style of the bike is nice, not normally what I’m into….BUT, that is some seriously killer paint, bro! If I could pull off paint like that, that’s what I’d be doing with my next build.

  5. Jed1966 says:

    Super clean take on Bratstyle. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m all for shocks if ya keep the back end slammed down low like you have. Your seat looks super comfortable.
    Great build

  6. Jeroen says:


    Nice to see you’re bike up here.
    He has painted two of my bikes,
    Does a top notch job!
    The next one is going his way also!

    Good job!


  7. Xubuntu says:

    Yep that paint on the tank nails it.

  8. Shauny says:

    I’m loving this. The paint is fantastic, I hope I can do something half as nice myself on my 81 which is looking very similar. I am going to be running a frisco’d instigator tank from Detroit brothers. I have the same wheels and whitewalls and they look great, so I am really positive about how mine is going to turn out shortly.