78 xs

image-3 2014

Rich – Frame cut and contured to fit modern seat. Lowered alot. All electronics under seat and kick start only. No blinkers. HD hard bags. Great to ride. Am forever in love with the 650’s.

image-1-1 2014 image-2-2 2014


  1. El Gaucho says:

    This is a strange bike for me, because there are some things I really like about it, but the total package doesn’t bring those things together. I know my opinion doesn’t mean jack, but if it were my bike, the bags would be pulled down slightly and forward slightly. The tank and bars would be swapped out, probably with a Harley tank and wide bars (beach bars) and the front forks could use about a 1.5 inch shortening. And out of those things, the bars are the least important, which is weird because that’s usually the first thing i change!