Minty Fresh and not so Clean.

noid-IMG_3083-3 2014

Jarrett Ward – This XS comes from a time period long forgotten or at least a time period most wish to forget. That period is known as the 70’s. 1976 to be exact. Not much good coming from that time, after all it was the year of the first Son of Sam attacks and Fidel Castro became president of Cuba. Not a good start. Luckily, the U.S. Mint introduced the $2.00 bill and it was America’s Bicentennial. Oh yeah, not to mention Yamaha made this treat of a machine you see before you.
noid-IMG_3062-1-1 2014 noid-IMG_3080-2 2014 noid-IMG_3087-4 2014
This thin mint has all of todays goodies to keep it on the road and in action for years to come. Hugh’s Handbuilt PMA and Solid Risers, Pamco Electronic Ignition, Avon rubber front and back and a full motor rebuild from H&R Prostreet in Vermilion Oh.

The majority of fabrication was done in garages from Huron Oh. to Youngstown Oh. and back. This is the bike’s third reincarnation and my favorite so far. Most of the parts are custom made by my good friends and I. The custom handmade loop hard tail has open BMX style dropouts for a little added thrill and danger. The pipes, bars, pegs, and sissy bar were made by my friend Bob Millerleile and the bike wouldn’t stay running so well if it weren’t for the spiritual guidance of Joe Cupp. (together they are known as Piss Poor Customs) Huge thanks to all my buddies especially Kerry Sayre,  who has had a big hand in helping build this delectable treat. To all my buddies that have picked me up on the side of the road after I’ve broken down or ran out of gas. Motorbikes are fun and ice cream is good.


  1. Xubuntu says:

    Understated, simple, clean, nice lines, nice traditional treatment.

  2. Uncle Bear says:

    Cool mint flavor.

  3. Bobberking says:

    Did you build it for a lady. To girly for me sorry and is that a tc bros hardtail they kill the game I have a set of there foward controls and I love them. If It were me tho they look good black with red wheels but I’m probay talking to a tattooed up hipster with a chain wallet haha oh yea did you build it I think I seen this on Instagram a few years ago.

  4. RemBrent says:

    Nice work.

    But I can’t help but think if you only had some nobody on the internet tell you how to build your bike and live your life then maybe it would have been that much better.

    Oh well. Guess we will never know.