Twisted Samurai

noid-photo_1-1 2014

Dewey Fragie – This is the bike that I’ve dreamed about since 1974 and I finally got to build it! When I retired I needed a project, so I found a 1982 xs650 heritage special and built what you see in my garage. had a blast building it and now i’m having a blast riding it at 70 years old.

noid-photo_3-2 2014 noid-photo_6-3 2014


  1. Amy Fragie says:

    Yea Dewey you made it.

  2. Uncle Bear says:

    Cool bike, enjoy the ride!

  3. Jon Ellington says:

    Sweet ride Pops! Congrats

  4. Oldschoolpaulie says:

    Love it!

  5. Great Dane says:

    It’s Never Too Late ta Live It Up !
    Let It All Hang Out & Enjoy The Ride ~


    Great Dane @
    Indian Creek Ranch
    So. California High Desert

  6. bluesgrinder says:

    You knocked it out of the park, I just wish you’d have indulged us more on your build but a picture worth a 1000 words.

  7. john bartos says:

    it looks great , done very nice

  8. William A. says:

    Old Guys Rule!!
    Terrific build Dewey!!
    Enjoy the fruits of your labor.