The pocket chop

The pocket chop-10 2014

Mr Greazz – Hi guy, greetings from France. First thing sorry for my bad english! I built my first xs last year, maybe you remember it? The Little twin – That I posted here.. So this is my second XS650, I picked it up over a year ago in very bad condition. With basically Only the engine salvageable! I had to build everything – all you can see in the picture sissybar, handlebar, frame, electrical tank, exhaust…., it’s easy for me. I’m a welder and have a garage full of tools!

The pocket chop-4 2014 The pocket chop-2 2014 The pocket chop-1 2014

The front and the rear wheels came off of a old 350 CB Honda I found on the french “craig list” for a very cheap price. The fork is an aftermarket WL replica (the biggest part of the budget).

I picked up the tank on the web, and the rear fender and the taillight come from an old BSA.

The pocket chop-12 2014 The pocket chop-8 2014 The pocket chop-6 2014

I paint it myself (a first time) but the paint didn’t work out so well… 😮

So I give the job to one of my friend and it’s much better! I think that’s all that i can tell you about it….or just one last thing, I dig it so much and it’s a great pleasure to ride it with friends!

The pocket chop-11 2014

I just started another XS650 and well post pics here next year !!

Yes, I am becoming a XS addict !

The pocket chop-3 2014

I work on many bike for friends and you can see that on my blog.
Mr Greazz


  1. John T says:

    Great job on your bike. What did you use for the electrics enclosure?

  2. Mr Greazz says:

    Hi John,
    I start with a simple sheet steal and i roll it. i made the ribs with a special tool but i don’t know the word for that in english ! after the diffent part was tig welded.
    you can see that step by step somewhere on my little blog !

  3. John T says:

    Thank you Mr Greazz.

  4. John Bartos says:

    Nice bike, I like the. Front wheel. What year did that front wheel come from. Looks great John

  5. Uncle Bear says:

    Real cool chopper!

  6. Von Dijk says:

    Verry nice. I like the stance. Love the megaton’s. Supercool

  7. Mr Greazz says:

    Thanks John, for the front wheel I don’t know exactly, I think all the Honda 350 CB have this kind of wheel, in france it’s realy easy to finf and it’s not expensive, and to finish the drum work very well for a little weigth like the 650 xs.

  8. Mr Greazz says:

    Happy that you dig it ! thanks uncle !

  9. tadd442 says:

    Very nice!

  10. Mr Greazz says:

    Hi von dijk,
    Thanks for the congratulations, the megaton’s change a little bit, everyone put some trumpet or other kustom exhaust. And in france cops dont mess with loud pipe ! so….

  11. Mr Greazz says:

    Thanks Tadd442 !

  12. Nardus says:

    Really nice bike! Where did you get the seat? What brand is it?

  13. superGino says:

    beste, best, mehor, più bellla xs del mondaccio cane!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. GaryC. says:

    Love the sidecovers. Nice work.

  15. Rick Nelson says:

    Love the pipes!

  16. Mr Greazz says:

    There’s no brand, that’s totaly handcrafted, steel shaped by me and leather by one of my friend .

  17. Mr Greazz says:

    Grazie mille !!

  18. Mr Greazz says:

    thanks, all the electrical system was inside.

  19. Mr Greazz says:

    Tanks Rick, that’s an accident, the frame was lower so I must built high pipe !!!!

  20. Nardus says:

    Well done!

  21. Cédric says:

    What a beautifull bike !!!
    And it’s made in your garage !!! Congratulations !!!
    It seems more easy for you building a bike tan me speaking englesh !!
    Go thierry GOOOOOOO !!!!!

  22. Mr Greazz says:

    Thanks my friend, need english lessons ? call me !!!!!

  23. kgb says:

    Elle est magnifique great job for the geasergarage .

  24. El Gaucho says:

    Springer, drum brake up front, and Z bars. Yup, I’m in love.

  25. Mr Greazz says:

    salut Luc !

  26. Mr Greazz says:

    Thanks El Gaucho, i love it too ! old classic parts never die !!!

  27. Chop Shop Customs says:

    WOW it turned out amazing. Nice job and I love how you reused other old parts to assemble them all together to create it.

  28. Mr Greazz says:

    Thanks, i dig old part they have a different “”flavor”, maybe it’s that the real old school style !!!

  29. Nutsquake says:

    Luv your bike Titi !

  30. ghostshadow says:

    Wow man! Get out of my brain! This is seriously almost exactly what I’m wanting mine to look like once it’s done. The only major differences for mine will be that it’s going to have straight pipes and the tank may sit a little differently.

    Very nice ride!

  31. Mr Greazz says:

    eh gateaux de noix toi ici !! ;o)

  32. Mr Greazz says:

    Now you’re sure that’s a cool idea ! go ! go ! go ! I’m waiting to see it here ! ;o)

  33. Wizard Colonel says:

    Mr. Greazz. Well done, one would have to look very hard to find a nicer XS.
    The whole frontend is sweet… love the bars, grips, controls! and the pipes are nice too.
    You will make many fine machines…
    What name do you call it?

    Wizard Colonel

  34. Mr Greazz says:

    Thanks a lot, you talk about the name of the bike ? “Pocket chop” of course !

  35. reynoldburton says:

    34 comments – that´s a lot. Oh, 17 are from Mr Greazz himself 😉

    But for sure that is a nice bike. Outstanding “schönes Motorrad”

  36. Mr Greazz says:

    Yep, my mother alway told me “have good manners, answer to the question son !” now there’s 36 ! ;o)