M.I.L.F. revisited

-1 2014

Bryon – Well it’s been a while but the MILF is back with a few changes. After loosing 1st gear and finding out The first year bikes are a breed all their own. (for the most part). I followed some advice from the boys over T.C. Choppers and got a newer engine. Thanks to the fella I bought her off of in the first place. A little trading was done and, tada. An 83 motor with good compression was scored. After numerous rounds with the stock carbs I did some research and figured out they were not a matched set. So, plan B. I wanted something different and the dudes at Wiseguy customs had just the trick. the 2 into 1 intake works like a charm and turns heads. Still a work in progress I love walking out into the garage and seeing this bike more than ever.

-2 2014 -3 2014


Thanks for lookin! peace. Bryon