Spinning Straw into Gold

1975-xs650-goldWelp. It’s a 1975 650. I’ve had the bike for 5 years and she’s seen many many many new designs, tanks, bars, exhaust, sissy, etc. I was pretty happy with where she was until last night.

Went for a good ride to clear my head… Work, life, hummingbirds/wildflowers, etc.


Turns out, the license plate/ tail light bracket i fabricated vibrated so much that the steel “work hardened” and completely shattered. Hanging from the wiring, the bracket, plate, and light proceed to beat this shit out of my fender before letting loose on i-10.


I needed a new project. the bike I have on the lift currently has me with a bad case of “writers block”.


Excited for her next phase!


Wrench, Ride, Repeat!


By Rumpelstiltskin


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