The Flying Dutchmen

ardcore-chopper-dutchmen-xs650This was the first Xs650 I’ve built. I came up with frame dimensions and had ARDCORE CHOPPERS build it! I then built the rest from scratch I wanted it to be bad ass and I think it fits that description.


Rigid , awesome paint job , of course it runs better than it looks.


Very hard to hold onto a lot of power for sure .


A lot of trick features on this bike it was built for Show and GO !!


It’s been in a few magazines and has won numerous awards “AAArrrGGGhhh” , Jus’ Keepin’ To The Code …


Submitted by Gary Elmore A.K.A. The Pavement Pirate


ardcore-chopper-dutchment-xs650-2 ardcore-chopper-dutchmen-xs650-3 ardcore-chopper-dutchmen-xs650-4 ardcore-chopper-dutchmen-xs650-5